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PTRNJ is a NJ non-profit educational charity with IRS section 501(c)(3) status. Contributions are tax deductible.


New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country. There are many factors at play and our mission is to inform the public exactly where their property tax money is going. Educating fellow residents and creating systematic reform is our goal.


  1. Cap property taxes at 10% of household income — or 3x your municipal average property tax on residential property.

  2. Increase Veterans' annual property tax deduction to $600 from the current $250.


  1. A non-partisan issue advocating for real  property tax reform here in NJ. 

  2. Educate NJ property owners about the "Property Tax Relief Fund" 

  3. Inform property owners about how this fund of $20 BILLION is currently being spent.

  4. Use mailers, website, and social media to advertise our goals as a public charity.

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